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Group Student Photo Welcome to a unique online experience that is here to entertain and inspire you. If you are an adult (be it a mother, father, CEO, professional athlete, garbage collector, police officer, artist, writer, or anyone and anything else) who is considering going back to school, the following stories can show you that it is possible to live your life and still earn a college degree. And if you are not interested in going back to school, but are just in search of some excitement and emotion, these stories will keep you entertained.

Check in periodically for the latest stories of Inspire and be sure to pass the word and inspire others.

Continuing Education Stories
Welcome to an archive of Inspire stories - quick self-contained snapshots of adults who have successfully returned to school. This online library contains every exciting story we have ever received from an adult learner. To read the latest clip, click here.

Featured Story: Adults Can Attend College
This is the story of how adults just like you are going to college to earn a degree. READ.

Continuing Education Chronicles
Student Picture These chronicles will storybook a select few students each semester who all have very different backgrounds from each other. We will continuously post pictures of their daily lives, regular journal entries, and an interview video of each.

If you would like us to follow your story, send an e-mail to Info@UCEAdirectory.org.

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Continuing Education Stories
Continuing Education Chronicles

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