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Group Student Photo A True Leader - Chari Leader
Chari is now a Ph.D. serving as the Interim Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Excelsior College, but she didn't start her education until she was 27-years-old and had three young children.

Operation: Education - Lonnie Tungate
You thought it was tough to study while your roommate was playing music too loud. Staff Sergeant Tungate finished his reading assignments while hiding in trenches in Kuwait.

The Healing Powers of School - Beke Lindsay
Can a 54-year-old farmer cut it as a horticulture graduate? Find out.

A Dynamic Duo - Molly Vega and Anitta Skul
Mother and daughter duo Molly Vega and Anitta Skul inspired each other to return to college and earn a degree at ages 53 and 32 respectively.

Nursing Fatherhood - James Brausch
You're worried you won't fit in at school? Divorced with four kids, 45-year-old James Brausch took his downsizing layoff as a sign that he needed a new career; and decided to become a nurse.

Musical Interlude - Mark Landon
Mark Landon was a successfully CFO. Now, he is going back to school to help his daughter realize her dream.

"You need to do something with your life" - Richard Charles Waite
Richard was nervous about his first day back at school after 10 years. He was worried he was going to be the oldest in his class. He was worried he wouldn't be able to finish his homework while working 35 hours a week and raising a beautiful daughter. Richard was wrong.

Wedding Bells - Brenda Wilkerson
When you help everyone else realize their dreams, it's never too late to fulfill your own.

Shared Graduation Day - Marie and Anastasia Batchelor
Two Batchelors received two bachelor's on the same day.

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